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Winter Jewels Series

Our good friends and hellebore buddies Ernie and Marietta O'Byrne raise some of the world's best hellebores in that plant nerd paradise called the Pacific Northwest. We feel their garden is one of, if not the best, private garden in the United States. Aside from being good, gentle souls, the O'Byrnes raise some really cool plants. 

The plants in the Winter Jewels Series are seedlings from hand pollinated plants. Each colour series is from a very carefully selected groups of plants. This produces plants that, while not identical, resemble one another. There are several different labels sold with the plants. Some show a group of flowers while others unfortunately have photographs of only one bloom. This may lead customers to think the plant they get will look exactly like the photograph and be disappointed. We feel the plants are so good that there is no need to exaggerate their beauty with glamour shots. 



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