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Hellebores from Pine Knot Farms
Helleborus x hybridus "Lenten Roses"
Pine Knot Select Strain, Pine Knot 'Southern Belles' Strain seedlings
and hybrids from tissue culture

Deep 36 cells, 4", 1 qt. pot 3 qt. and 6 qt.
contact PKF for prices and availability.

We keep our plants separated by those grown from commercial seed sources which we CAN NOT guarantee to be true to name and the plants grown from seed produced at our nursery which we can guarantee as true. We also have smaller numbers of other species available.

Other species:
H. argutifolius, H. dumetorum, H. foetidus, H. niger, H. purpurascens, H. odorus, and H. xsternii.


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