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         What's New at Pine Knot Farms  

Much has been said about producing clonal forms of Helleborus xhybridus, the Lenten Roses, from tissue culture but there has not been a great deal of success until recently. We have given plants to various labs since 1995, but unil recently we haven't seen any results. Some other species and intersection hybrids have responded to this method of propagation with good results. A number of clonal forms including ericsmithii  'Ivory Prince', 'Silvermoon' and 'Pink Beauty' as well as nigercors 'White Beauty' 'Green Corsican' and 'Honey Hill Joy' have been on the market for a few years. Last year we offered some of the first forms of Helleborus xhybridus for sale and this year we are able to offer a few more colours.

         Hellebores from tc prices are $10.00 each
Pure White
Ashwood Gold Finch (yellow with red spots)
Elegance White
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