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What do you get?

What you get with a Pine Knot Plant?

You get us;


With your plant comes our 30 years of experience growing hellebores. We are happy to share what we have learned and will try to answer your questions as honestly as we can. We don't just want you to buy a plant from us, we want you to enjoy growing these wonderful plants as much as we do.

With a phone call or email you can ask questions and benefit from all the mistakes we have made over the years, so maybe you won't make them. We have killed many, many plants learning how to grow hellebores; in pots, in the garden,  to breed them,  and to grow them from seed.

We have spent years studying these plants, meeting and learning from other growers all over the world. We learned how to import special plants to improve our line. Special colours and double flowering plants were not available in the US. When we first traveled to the UK to buy plants we found we had to go on a waiting list to be allowed to purchase our first double flowering hellebore. Over the years we have been back to the UK over 20 times exchanging plants and seeds with the premier hellebore growers in the world. We have been to Europe several times visiting growers in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. As one of our peak experiences we spent two weeks in The Balkans in 2004 where we saw many of the hellebore species growing in their natural habitats.


Pine Knot Farms

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