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Ordering Information
There are several ways to order from Pine Knot Farms, you may use the wonderful storefront that permits shopping for hellebores 24 hours a day and paying online using either the PayPal option or the second option, credit cards through PayPal. It has always been our policy to only charge our customers credit cards after we ship their plants. This does not seem to be an choice on PayPal. We almost drove some kind folks nuts when they were setting up the shopping cart for us. We kept requesting a feature that would let us delay payment, but evidently this is unheard of on online shopping.

If you prefer not to use PayPal you may email your order to us at judith@pineknotfarms.com or retyler@pineknotfarms.com, or telephone us at 434-252-1990, or fax your order to 434-252-0768. Please include with your order your name, shipping and billing address, telephone number and the date you would prefer to have your plants shipped as well as your credit card information including the magic numbers on the back of your card. If you place an order will you please include your telephone number on the shipping form? UPS needs it in case they cannot find your house. We promise we will not harass you with unwanted calls.

Shipping Information

Please include the date that you would like your plants shipped with your order. Since our plants bloom at a time when much of the country is under ice and snow some customers want their plants held till later while others want them shipped so they can enjoy the blooms in a cool greenhouse or sunroom. We can't know which kind of customer you are unless you tell us. So please let us know when you would like your plants shipped. We ship year round, watching the weather for weeks that are too hot/cold and holding off those weeks. 

Please remember that we are located in southern Virginia. This can mean that our plants may have finished blooming and begun to set seed when gardeners in more northerly states are just seeing their gardens awaken. We are not happy when we send out a plant with no fresh flowers, but Mother Nature controls our seasons and we can't keep plants "on ice" so they remain in perpetual bud stage. If you ordered a white or paler colour and receive a plant with green or tan blooms this is due to the aging process of the flowers and next year the flowers will be the correct shade.

We ship via UPS on MONDAY. If we have a larger than usual number of orders, sometimes this will overflow to Tuesday. We limit our shipping this way to give your plants the best chance at getting to you without sitting on a UPS truck somewhere over a weekend. 

The charge for shipping and handling is the base UPS charge plus an additional .50 cents per plant packing charge. We realize that this sounds like a lot for shipping, but we try our best to pack and ship the plants carefully so that your plants arrive safely and UPS seems to add another surcharge every time we run the software. Why they should charge a surcharge for delivering a box to a private residence I just do not know. Dog bite insurance?

NOTICE ABOUT LARGE BOXES! The plants inside have been packed to try our best to prevent them from shifting. It may be best to cut the box open rather than to open from the top.


We are a nursery not a garden center. This means that we actually grow the plants we sell here in Virginia in our unheated tunnels not buy finished plants in from another grower.  Growing the plants means although we strive to have all varieties available in all sizes there may be times when one size is better than another. We reserve the right to substitute a 1 qt size for a 4" but we will only charge the 4" price.

Gifts and Gift Certificates

If your purchase is to be a gift we can send the box without an invoice attached, We can include a card in your name if you choose. We need the recipients full name and address as well as their telephone number for UPS.

We offer gift certificates several ways. We can send your gift to the person via email or post, or send you an email with the gift certificate attached so you can send it to the recipient yourself.





PHONE 434-252-1990

FAX 434-252-0768



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