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            WHOLESALE Hellebores from Pine Knot Farms

Helleborus xhybridus  The "Lenten Rose"
Pine Knot Strain, Lady Series, Pine Knot 'Southern Belles' Strain

Deep 36 cells  1 qt. pot  3 qt. Gal, 6 qt.

Other species:
H, argutifolius, H. dumetorum, commercial seed source, H. foetidus,  H. niger, H. purpurascens (commercial seed source) H. odorus, commercial seed source and H. xsternii.

We keep our plants separated by those grown from commercial seed sources which we CAN NOT guarantee to be true to name and the plants grown from seed produced at our nursery which we can guarantee as true. We also have smaller numbers of other species available.


Terms and conditions; sales are wholesale to the nursery trade only, must provide ID # or resale #. All orders are subject to availability, crop failure, or natural disasters. Plants are guaranteed true to name and healthy at time of shipment. Any claims must be made within 5 days of receipt. Prices are for pickup at our nursery.  Delivery on our trucks can sometimes be arranged within 500 mile radius for 10% of cost. U.P.S. shipments are approximately 10%-15% depending on distance, we ship 2 flats per box and each box weighs 21/23 lbs. We welcome  prearranged nursery pickups, and we can handle tractor trailer pickup.

TERMS: Established accounts payable on receipt, 2% late charge per month after 30 days and all discounts are voided on late payments, new accounts C.O.D. or Visa/MC.sizes                                                               
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