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Wishing You All a New Year Full of Hellebores

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We have, on occasion, been accused of being "helleboring". The first instance was when we made one of our earliest trips to the UK with friends. Of the two couples one pair was very interested in hellebore, the the other pair, not so much. Since our trip was supposedly to visit nurseries specializing in Helleborus, we did see a lot for them, but evidently we also talked about little else. Our less interested friends had spent the better part of a week out in the cold, the rain and yes, even the sleet and snow, looking at hellebore plants. When we were in a pub for lunch or at the hotel at days end we talked about the hellebores we had seen. They had reached their limit.

When we are talking to folks at an away sale or when we are speaking, Dick and I try try to gauge a person's reactions. When the eyes begin to lose focus and wander around in someone's head, well, it's a pretty good sign that we are being helleboring. On the phone it's a bit harder to tell when a prospective customer has gone over the edge. People call us every day with questions. Many of these questions can't be answered in a three word statement.
So we have to try to determine the level of interest and answer accordingly.

To those of you whom we have overburdened with information, we ask to please forgive us. We do try to be reasonable, but it's rather like folks with an only child. They think everyone cares as much as they do.

Buyer beware (or Buyer understand)

 Many of you may see hellebores like these being offered as loss leaders at grocery stores throughtout the country. These plants can be great value if treated properly. The main thing to remember is that although hellebores are hardy plants the plants being offered have been grown in a heated greenhouse and have not been [...]

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Fall is the best time to plant Helleborus plants (in our opinion :})

As the leave begin to fall and the soil has cooled enough to feel good on my fingers I find those fingers itching to plant. Since what we grow are hellebore plants, that's often what I plant. (Nothing like cheap or free, eh?) We get emails several times a week asking if we are still shipping, [...]

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Why are my hellebores green?

    Every year, especially as summer sets in we get calls like this, people who have planted white or paler coloured flowering hellebore plants notice that their flowers are no longer white. As we speak I try to narrow the species of the hellebore in question down to species which actually open white. Even [...]

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The daily slog at Pine Knot Farms; life as we know it.

    Our site designer tells me that to ensure a good placement on the web that small businesses like ours need to be in contact with our customers. "One of you needs to start a blog". This means I need to start a blog, since both writing and computing fall into the bin with [...]

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