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New life for a loyal friend

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This week Dick and I left our Old Gold Dodge Caravan at the Lake Country SPCA for them to sell our use as they choose. When this van reached 200,000 miles we felt perhaps it was not wise to use it for our frequent long trips. We kept the van thinking it might be nice to have two vehicles at some times and it was paid for already. But after spending almost two years just occupying space in the parking lot we decided to donate it. To NPR or to our local SPCA? The animals won. As much as I hate to five up our "Helebor" tag I think the shelter is worth it. Lake Country SPCA

We have a special fondness for LCSPCA as that's where our much loved Holly Dog started her life. Someone had ditched Holly's pregnant mom and she ended up in the shelter. Since it's a no kill shelter Holly and her 10 brothers and sisters were born there. We found her in the home of a Clarksville couple who had turned the lower level of their home into a puppy shelter. We were helping our daughter look for a pup for her kids for Christmas. Dick walked by one of the cages and this little black ball of fur came up to him and licked his fingers. He was smitten (and so was I) and we arranged to pick up our little girl and one of her brothers on Christmas Eve. Wonders of wonders, they found homes not only for the puppies, but for mom too!

Holly and her brother Buddy have given us all so much love in the last six years. It would be difficult to imagine our house without the dog and the cats running things. How else would we know that it was 5 pm without them telling us it was treat time?


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