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Fall is the best time to plant Helleborus plants (in our opinion :})

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As the leave begin to fall and the soil has cooled enough to feel good on my fingers I find those fingers itching to plant. Since what we grow are hellebore plants, that's often what I plant. (Nothing like cheap or free, eh?) 

We get emails several times a week asking if we are still shipping, or if it is too late to plant hellebores. In our opionion, if you can still plant any herbaceous plant. tree or shrub; you can plant hellebores. Since these plants do not actively grow in warmer temperatures we feel fall planting is far superior to planting in April of May in warmer areas of the country. You poor folks in parts where the soil is frozen, you have my sympathy. But then you get snow and we don't so fair's fair.

Our customers ask why they can't find hellebores at their local garden centers in the fall. Of course I don't know why each GC buyer chooses their stock, but usually it's because they only think of plants "in season" and with hellebores as with most perennials, that means in flower. 

Since we are a nursery and grow our plants, we have them to ship year round. Of course since plants grow and we are always potting on or dividing, not all plants are available at all times, but we do try to have as many as we can. I have included a photo that shows the sizes we ship.


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