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Hellebore Festival

The first week of our 20th Annual Hellebore Festival is definitely a bust, even before the opening time arrives.After a low approaching 0 and a forecast of 18 we are essentially ice or snowbound. The plants in the nursery are also frozen soild, with stems drooping and flowers with their faces in the soil. If we were [...]

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Midwinter blues

It's been the kind of January that I despise, cold damp and gray. I love snow, but we rarely have any here. I even loved snow when we lived in British Columbia in an area where we got ant least 10' a year. The first year we were there we saw what over 30' (yes, [...]

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Looking Back

Looking Back     The weather forecast sounds like we are heading into real winter this week, but there are still signs of previous seasons around. Small withered leaves hang on the Japanese Maples and brown fronds cover many ferns. There are red peppers on withered vines, but they have been frozen quite a few times now and have lost their [...]

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The daily slog at Pine Knot Farms; life as we know it.

    Our site designer tells me that to ensure a good placement on the web that small businesses like ours need to be in contact with our customers. "One of you needs to start a blog". This means I need to start a blog, since both writing and computing fall into the bin with [...]

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