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We're in the process of updating our website. In the meantime, please note that the following items are no longer available.

  • Helleborus atrorubens both the 4" and qt pots
  • Helleborus dumetorum both the 4" and qt pots
  • Helleborus odorus both the 4" and qt pots
  • Helleborus purpurascens both the 4" and qt pots
  • Helleborus torquatus both the 4" and qt pots
  • Helleborus viridis both the 4" and qt pots
  • Helleborus multifidus x Helleborus x hybridus both the 4" and qt pots

Wishing You All a New Year Full of Hellebores

We have, on occasion, been accused of being "helleboring". The first instance was when we made one of our earliest trips to the UK with friends. Of the two couples one pair was very interested in hellebore, the the other pair, not so much. Since our trip was supposedly to visit nurseries specializing in Helleborus, [...]

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Buyer beware (or Buyer understand)

 Many of you may see hellebores like these being offered as loss leaders at grocery stores throughtout the country. These plants can be great value if treated properly. The main thing to remember is that although hellebores are hardy plants the plants being offered have been grown in a heated greenhouse and have not been [...]

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New life for a loyal friend

This week Dick and I left our Old Gold Dodge Caravan at the Lake Country SPCA for them to sell our use as they choose. When this van reached 200,000 miles we felt perhaps it was not wise to use it for our frequent long trips. We kept the van thinking it might be nice [...]

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Fall is the best time to plant Helleborus plants (in our opinion :})

As the leave begin to fall and the soil has cooled enough to feel good on my fingers I find those fingers itching to plant. Since what we grow are hellebore plants, that's often what I plant. (Nothing like cheap or free, eh?) We get emails several times a week asking if we are still shipping, [...]

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‚ÄčAutumnal Inspirations at Pine Knot Farms

Autumnal Inspirations Autumn is in full swing at Pine Knot Farms this week. We have not yet had a killing frost, but the trees are colouring nicely. One of the highlights of the garden at this time of year is our Acer japonicum Aconitifolium We purchased this lovely plant as a tube from Forest [...]

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When Dick and I went into town for our weekly grocery shop last week we could not believe our eyes. Christmas Stuff. Already. I know that each year the big box stores have to load their shelves with seasonal detritus to lure cusotmers into their store rathar than their competitor's store but, at least wait [...]

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Yellow Hellebores.

 In a prior post I wrote about the greening of pale coloured hellebore flowers. This time I am writing about the yellowing of new hellebore foliage. As with the "green flower" calls in spring in autumn we get the "yellow foliage" calls. These usually come from growers who have purchased our Helleborus x hybridus Pine [...]

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Why are my hellebores green?

    Every year, especially as summer sets in we get calls like this, people who have planted white or paler coloured flowering hellebore plants notice that their flowers are no longer white. As we speak I try to narrow the species of the hellebore in question down to species which actually open white. Even [...]

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Paws we've loved

     This past weekend a friend asked us how many dogs we have had since we were married.Claude, Phaedra, Peace, Chew Chew, Skillet, Noel, Leah, Tristan, Ivy and Holly. Ten dogs in 50 years. 40 paws leaving millions of prints that strung together tell the story of our lives. The garden at Pine Knot Farms [...]

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