Helleborus foetidus 'Wester Flisk'    Helleborus foetidus Wester Flisk Strain
This is an older form from Scotland , named for the garden where it was found.                                                                 qt. $10.00  

Helleborus foetidus 'Gold Bullion'     Helleborus f. 'Gold Bullion'
Lovely form from England with chartreuse new growth, in our hot summer temperatures the foliage ages to green.              qt. $15.00
Helleborus foetidus ‘Piccadilly Strain’  Helleborus foetidus 'Piccadilly' Strain
Our selection similar to but more vigorous than ’Wester Flisk’ plants have red stems in winter with a silver overlay to leaves.
qt. $10.00
Helleborus foetidus Pine Knot Variegated Form     Helleborus foetidus Pine Knot Variegated Form
Foliage is speckled and spotted
, colors tend to fade a bit in the heat of the summer.                                                               qt. $15.00 
Helleborus foetidus Red Silver  Helleborus f. Red Silver                                                                                  qt. $15.00
A gift from the folks we consider the best breeders in the U.S. Ernie & Marietta O'Byrne from Eugene Oregon, Red Silver is a shorter form with a heavy silver overlay.
Helleborus 'Ivory Prince' Helleborus 'Pink Beauty' and 'White Beauty' AKA 'Micha Pink Beauty' and 'Micha White Beauty' see Helleborus xericsmithii          
Helleborus lividus   Helleborus lividus    This tender species originating on the island of Majorca is not long lived in my zone 7 garden, but usually blooms the first year.  The plum pink backs of creamy or green flowers, blue gray foliage heavily veined in white make it a great container plant.    qt. $15.00
Helleborus  multifidus Helleborus multifidus in autumn One of the finest species for foliage, each leaf  being cut, and re-cut  so a single leaf can be made up of from 20 to over 100  segments.  The species is extremely variable with flowers or a lovely shade of  green.    H. multifidus                        qt.  $15.00
Helleborus niger ssp. macranthus Helleborus niger ssp macranthus
Early blooming strain from Europe that has large open blooms that age from white to pink.
                                               qt. $12.00
Helleborus niger ssp. maximus  Helleborus niger ssp. maximus
A pretty European strain, with large, star shaped creamy flowers that stay white, it is usually in bloom for Christmas here.   qt. $12.00
Helleborus  niger ‘Nell Lewis Strain’ H. niger Nell Lewis Strain
Our selection from the garden of native plant enthusiast Nell Lewis,  vigorous and almost always in flower at Christmas.
qt. $12.00
Helleborus niger ssp. praecox Helleborus niger praecox
Early, pure white,
it is usually in bloom for Christmas here. European strain with flowers are of average size.                    
qt. $12.00
Helleborus  niger 'Wilder Strain'  Helleborus niger Wilder Strain   We were given this form by our friends Plant Delights, plants originally came from N.C. plantsman Bobby Wilder, the blooms are large and star shaped and age pink.      VISIT  @   http://www.plantdel.com               qt. $12.00
Helleborus niger 'Double Fantasy'  Helleborus niger 'Double Fantasy'       1 qt. $25.00 
These will not be ready for sale until later in season, as the name says double fowering plants from a Japanese tissue culture nursery.

Helleborus odorus Helleborus odorus
Deep green leathery foliage and lovely chartreuse flowers, some plants exhibit a sweet fragrance.
                                   qt.  $15.00
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